Well, here goes nothing!


Well, this is weird; not weird like having a second head, but weird in the normal way. I have spent nearly 2 days putting this site together with nothing but thoughts running through my head about what to write(and there was heaps), but now that I’m here it has all gone blank. Typical I suppose. Maybe it is because now that I have actually started, the whole process is somewhat daunting. Like undressing before a crowd of strangers. It makes you feel a little exposed. Oh well, time to drop the drawers and get on with it….

Well it looks like the new year has begun with it’s usual aplomb. Once the fireworks are over it is just another day in the overall scheme of things. But anyway, cheers to you all; hoping you came through the festive period with minimal hangovers and manageable weight gain…LOL.

Well I am not going to make this a long post. Just a quick rundown on what you can expect from me here.  This site is basically somewhere for me to write whatever comes into my head; a place to release emotions and tension and hopefully a lot of positive stuff also. I can’t always guarantee it will make sense or come out in the correct order, but what I write will be honest, of that you can be assured. The last 6 years given me a lot of material to work with and I plan on delving into all of it at some stage. I have a great support network; family, friends, work mates, but I have found that I am not one of those people that finds it easy ‘talking’  about the moments in life that are so completely soul crippling (the really bad ones). I can talk up to a point, but then I reach a place where the words won’t form through the pain and I close up tight, so I use my writing as a coping tool to take me where my voice can’t.

I also plan to use the site to showcase my poetry, something I have wanted to do for years. I started writing when I was 17 years old. Sadly, until recent tragic events spurred me on, I had not written anything since 1998 in the lead up to mine and Judy’s wedding. I guess I just got too busy. I imagine most people who read this will be from facebook at first and will have seen my recent poetic writings dedicated to Judy since her passing. Of those 3 poems I am most proud; I still struggle to read them without shedding a tear. I have received nothing but praise for them and am deeply thankful for all the feedback from my friends. I still have more new ones to come, some still at the fetal sage, some are toddlers, plus the entire back catalog. Some of the older items just require a spit and polish to take the tarnish off.

In case anyone not from my facebook page stumbles across this page here are links to the aforementioned poems. Until I make a post for them here at least.

Half A Heart can be found here!

Missing You can be found here!

Haunted can be found here!

I also do photography as a hobby and am hoping to also include a lot of  in this site after a while. Both family shots and pure hobby shots. I am still getting familiar with this wordpress theme. All images seen here are mine and taken by me. Just keep in mind that this site is a work in progress and will hopefully take shape as I add more content over the holidays.




  1. Jessica Rouwhorst

    Here is to expansions of your being to continue to be shared in the journey on which you are being put on ???

  2. Mary Sutcliffe

    I am looking forward to reading your blog. I need to go out and read the three poems. I think what you are doing is great. It is not easy to share your thoughts verbally at times, so I totally understand. Enjoy this adventure you are undertaking
    You never know where life will take you and who you touch.

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